What is periodontitis ?

Periodontitis is a difficult disease of dental tissue , characterized by the emergence of pockets of bacteria in the settlement of existing pockets of bacteria is a growing , penetrate deeply and completely destroy the supporting tissue of teeth , and finally comes to swaying and tooth loss . The most severe form of the destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth I called periodontitis.

What causes can lead to periodontal disease?

  • heritage
  • hormonal changes (pregnancy )
    diabetes ( already in young children who suffer from diabetes are at risk 7 times more frequent disease of periodontal disease than in their healthy peers )
  • stress
  • smoking
  • malocclusion (bad bite, crowding of teeth)
  • poorly placed dental fillings
  • plaque
  • lack of teeth that are not reimbursed prosthetic
  • tartar
  • dental caries

What are the signs of periodontal disease?

Symptoms of periodontal disease in the gingiva are : redness , swelling, pain and pockets . Alveolar ( jaw ) bone is resorbed , get the supporting apparatus of teeth , teeth dangle and fall . He feels uncomfortable halitosis.

In practice we can provide a range of preventive and curative measures of treatment of periodontal disease:

  • periodontal microbial test
  • caries
  • caries risk test
  • cleaning of tartar with ultrasound
  • remove soft plaque
  • curettage pockets
  • fixation of the remaining teeth