Dental Tourism

A nice smile with a holiday!

Visit and discover Niš, beautify your smile quality, convenient and fast.

Nice and useful while saving significant amounts of money.

Due to the growing interest of our patients who live outside the Niche Practice provides additional benefits:

  • free accommodation in apartments near the offices
  • free transportation from the airport in Nis, from bus and train stations during the rehabilitation of the teeth
  • the ability to transport to the nearest picnic with engaging tour guide and translator (Niska spa, Prolom spa, Devil’s Town, visiting monasteries in the vicinity)

Save up to 75% on your dental treatment.

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Why we are popular:

  • low cost dental services
  • high quality of service
  • latest techniques and materials
  • professional and courteous staff
  • services provided in a short period of time


 Comparative table of dental services  
Service  Studio Dr.Nadica Vučić Germany USA
Summary – Consultation Free 80e 100$
metal ceramic crown  70e 500e 900$
all-ceramic crowns 180e 800e 1500$
implant 550e 1700e 2100$
gray seal 20e 100e 150$
fixed prosthesis in the jaw 500e 3500e 5000$
ceramic veneers 160e 700e 1400$