The high quality of dental services

A beautiful and natural smile with teeth is not properly set or special luxury wish, but generally accepted standard. New trends, private and business reasons compel us to strive for perfection.
Dental team led by Dr Nadica Vučić their professional approach to inspire confidence, but after the first contact.

Quality based on tradition and expertise

In the dental practice Dr Nadica Vučić used the most modern dental methods and techniques, and patient access to each individual taking full account of his desires, needs and abilities. From the first contact, through consultation, to the treatment and final recovery in our office in the first place is always patient.
Our desire is that the patient together with a team involved in the selection of optimal solutions. Often depending on the situation in the mouth offer several options, and in consultation with the patient chooses the best one.

Act in a studio for Aesthetic Dentistry

Twenty years in the profession, the dental team led by Dr Nadica Vučić, space, modern design in the focus of the city, with parking space facilitates access for patients.

Our philosophy

It is based on the fact that as much as possible meet the desires and expectations of our patients. At the same time rely on years of experience, working in partnership with the top dental laboratories, modern materials with which we work, the continuing education and strive achieved the highest standards in dentistry.

In the dental office Dr Nadica Vučić patient comes first

In addition to the medical segment of the patient we adapted in terms of organization and financing. For your questions and comments at your disposal our friendly staff and professional dental team. On your telephone questions and e-mails to respond regularly. Appointments, consultations and treatment agreed upon as soon as possible. Of course adapt to the demands and opportunities of our patients.

Dr Nadica Vučić and her expert team is expecting you, at your disposal for superior service and expert advice in all areas of cosmetic and general dentistry.

Private dental practice Nadica Vučić is one of the first private clinic in Nis, opened in 1989, Equipped with state of the art dental unit, is located in the ground floor space TC Series II.

We offer the possibility of a favorable funding of our services, which includes payments via credit cards, checks and credit payments.

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